Ordinary woman who lives between two islands - Bali, Indonesia and Jeju, South Korea. Really love chicken-based food, traveling, hunting desserts, and enjoying the holidays by starting a trip at noon 😂 Love theme park atmosphere but kinda afraid to try the rides, and always want to survive with cabin luggage because I'm not ready to carry a backpack. For me, vacation is a time to be lazy-ass (enjoy the moments) and I wanna always have fun 😆💕


This blog was originally created to keep my trip stories that has not been finished yet til now, though the trips have been already passed (maybe I need another 5 years to finish all my stories because I'm too lazy) ðŸĪĢ✌ but within one and a half years since my blog's birth, I made many additional topics because I often didn't have the mood to edit my trip photos, which made me decide to write personal topics so that I don't need to edit photos here and there. That's why the contents of my blog ended up looking like a convenience store (everything is available) ðŸĪŠ
Click every rides and it will take you to a happy place ðŸĨģ🎉
All in all, thank you for visiting CREAMENO's blog and read ABOUT ME page 😍 hopefully there will be some benefits that you can get from the stories that I have shared. And hopefully we can greet each other and share positive energy in the blogging world 😁

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